We are currently under construction in areas of New Smyrna Beach!

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to expand our network area.

How it all works:

  • If you pre-registered, you will be automatically alerted when we are coming to your specific neighborhood and can immediately lock in our best plan at a our best price for 2 years
  • Once construction begins in your neighborhood, all members will be able to register for our construction special - 10 Gig service at $60/month for 2 years, plus free installation ($100 value)
  • But, remember, this deal will ONLY be available during construction! Once construction ends, we return to our "still better than the competitor" pricing

What does Construction and Installation look like?

  • Similar to other utilities, fiber optic construction will include:
    • Underground drilling and aerial installation on service poles 
    • Minor lawn restoration and installation of network housings/enclosures
    • Work trucks, construction equipment and large-scale network materials in limited areas
  • Installation is easy
    • Once signed up, you will schedule your installation appointment (not a service window!)
    • The network cable will be connected at the street level, run to your house, and connected to a secure, discrete housing on the outside of your home
    • The line will then be run directly into your home through existing pathways or a new location you define
    • Our friendly technician will connect the line to your free high-end equipment, optimize your whole-home Wi-Fi, and get you streaming at up to 10 Gbps
  • Our Promises to you:
    • We will move as fast as possible to reduce disruption and bring better internet to you as soon as possible
    • We will always stand behind our service with live, local customer support - available by phone, text, chat, email
    • We will never require you to be on a contract
    • Once you are onboard and loving Wire 3, you can help spread the love and earn free service!
      • For every referred customer you send us, you will get a month of free service - with no limits!  You can start today!



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